Student focus: Mahogany Taylor


Alena Lopez

When you look at the senior class at Darnell-Cookman, you’ll see a lot of students who started here in the 6th grade and who have been with us for the entire seven years. One of those students who have thrived at DC for the duration is Mahogany Taylor.

Mahogany will graduate in 2023 and easily made the decision to stay at Darnell-Cookman for her high school years. “I have never regretted coming to Darnell-Cookman or even staying as long as I did,” Mahogany said. One of the benefits of being at DC, she said, is the feeling that the school has more of a “family” feel that separates it from other schools. Mahogany said the smaller size of her senior class and the size of the school in general is a big plus.

One of the Mahogany’s favorite aspects about DC is the clubs the school offers, including the Art Club and the Dungeons and Dragons Club. The past two years have been her favorite experience, she said. “I experienced a lot of freedom because of the perks Darnell offers to high schoolers, and specifically to juniors and seniors,” she said.

While Mahogany hasn’t selected her ultimate college destination, she said she would enjoy attending an art college or a school that has an art program so she can pursue something she enjoys. Eventually, she said, she wants to become an art professor.

As for advice to underclassmen, Mahogany says, “Keep working and don’t slack off.” As she approaches graduation, it seems that advice has paid off for Mahogany Taylor.