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February 29, 2024
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February 19, 2024
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Has Marvel gone downhill?
February 13, 2024

Burger Bandit!: Food crooks strike again.


Most students think of lunchtime as a time to snack on some food and chat with their friends. Other students at Darnell-Cookman take their lunchtime to an extreme. In the article “Orange Burglars” students Kaitlynn Duong and Ella Medick it was reported that they both collect unwanted food items during lunchtime, but they might not be the only ones.

Justin Lalrinawma is the new “Burger Bandit” for his ability of collecting multiple lunch trays at lunch. The first reports of Justin collecting the lunch trays happened on January 16 2024. He obtained 1 lunch tray with 9 chicken nuggets on it.

1/16/24 1:15PM

The next day, January 17th, you could see Justin racing around the cafeteria looking for food. The time stamps go as follows:

1:18- Chicken sandwich and ½ + fries.

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1/17/24 1:18

1:21- 2 Chicken tenders and fries + bread roll.

1/17/24 1:21

1:25- 2 Chicken tenders.

1/17/24 1:25PM

1:26- 2 Chicken tenders + fries.

1/17/24 1:26PM

Total collection: 1 Chicken sandwich and a 1/2 , 6 Chicken Tenders, fries, and bread roll. Continuing with this pattern, on January 18th

1:18- 1 Corndog.

1/18/24 1:18PM

1:20- 1 tray of nachos.

1/18/24 1:20PM

1:24- 1 Corndog.

1/18/24 1:24PM

Total collection: 2 Corndogs and 1 tray nachos

January 22nd

12:56- Chicken sandwich + fires.

1/22/24 12:56

1:01- 1 cup of Applesauce.

1/22/24 1:01

1:04- 1 serving of noodles + fries.

1/22/24 1:04

1:05- 1 Chicken sandwich.

1/22/24 1:05PM

1:16- 1 red popsicle, 1 green popsicle (only red shown).

1/22/24 1:16PM

Total collection: 2 Chicken sandwiches, 1 serving of noodles, 2 servings of fries, 1 cup of applesauce, 1 red popsicle, and 1 green popsicle.


What caused you to start collecting a bunch of food?

“I’m Hungry, what else?”

What do you do with the food afterwards?

“I eat it” Do you share it with others? “Yes”

Is there a specific reason why you don’t want to go in the lunch line?

“Because I’m too cute for that.”

Will you continue to do this in the future?


Are you trying to beat a record of how many plates you can get in a day?

“No, I’m just trying to eat.”

Would you say you are harassing people to get their food?

“No, and just know that whatever they tell you it’s not true and speak to my lawyer.”


Has Justin ever come up to you and ask you for food?

MA’KAYLA EMBRY: “He came up to me and asked me for my pizza.” Did you give him your pizza? “Yes, I did”

ADRIANA STEVENS: “He attempted to steal 3 of my lunch trays then asked me to buy him 2 popsicles.” Did you buy him a popsicle? “Yes”

KEVINE PERKINS: “It makes me feel uncomfortable, it is rude and unethical.”

DALTON DOVI-DOTSE: “Yes numerus amount of times”

SAMANTHA PERCY: “I give him Jello everyday”

JAIME SPILLER: “Yes, multiple times” Do you give it to him? “Sometimes”

HEDAYA ABOULKACEM: “Yes” What does he ask for? “Whole plate or Tator tots.”


Darnell-Cookman Opinions

KAITLYNN DUONG: “whomp whomp, I hate him”

KA’MRON HALL: “He seems very hungry”

LENNIE FULLWOOD: “Have at it. Enjoy

TANIYAH CALDWELL: “I think it makes him a beggar”

It seems to be that everyone has given up their lunch to Justin. So, what is it he’s doing you might ask? What is causing all these people to give up their precious hard-earned lunch? Have they spoken to his lawyer? Will other students have to start stealing their own lunch to make up for Justin’s thievery? We may never know…

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  • K

    KymberFeb 13, 2024 at 9:15 am

    I can confirm this also if you look closely on January 18th you can see me getting a piece of Justin’s corndog ^_^