Teachers speak: Keys to student success


Lucas Lee

Teachers from Darnell-Cookman have spoken! Several teachers have shared information about ways students can be successful in Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts.

Ms. Gonzalez

“Get your work in on time and do not procrastinate on anything here.”

Ms. McGurr
Biology/ Zoology6

“When you show up to school, you must be present physically and mentally!”

Mr. Percy
AP Human Geography

“When you walk into a classroom remember why you are there. You are in a classroom to learn and so is the teacher sometimes. Make the most of your experience while you are here at Darnell, finish your tasks when assigned, and give your best effort!”

Mr. Combs

“Attendance is critical to your success here at Darnell Cookman. Take good notes in class and make sure the people you surround yourself with can help you achieve your academic goals.”

Mr. Foreman

“Do your work, pay attention in class, and study for tests!”

Mr. DeBolt
8th grade ELA/ High school journalism

“There are always three keys to basic success that are universal: show up (on time), pay attention and turn in your work. If you just do those three things, everything else gets easier.”