Haunted Hallways returns to DC!


Delaynee Cody

Haunted Hallways will soon make its return to Darnell-Cookman for the first time in three years! The event will be held on October 28th, and will include two dances – one for middle schoolers and one for high school students. As always, National Honor Society students will be in charge of decorating the 8th-grade hallway for the event, but this year will be joined for the first time by National Junior Honor Society students.

This year’s theme for Haunted Hallways is American Horror story. Despite this theme being used once in the past, NHS sponsor James Percy says that this year’s version will have a “unique flavor” in its decorations and ideas. According to Mr.Percy, there may be an opportunity to wear a costume to school that day, though that has not been approved yet.

If the past experiences are a good example, this year’s Haunted Hallways will be a fun event to participate in, and Mr. Percy says it always ends up being, “a product of the hard work and imagination of the students involved.”

The middle school dance will run from 6 to 8 p.m., and the high school dance will follow from 9 to 11 p.m. Throughout each dance, the hallways will be available for students to experience.