8th graders look both back and ahead


Jenny Wang

So much of Darnell-Cookman’s attention falls each year on its senior class. But even while our seniors are getting ready to leave our school, another group of students is also getting ready to make a big leap – our 8th graders. While we hope that most of them will stay at Darnell-Cookman into high school, we know that at least some of them will opt to go to other high schools. And all of them will be making the big adjustment to high school next year.

Three of our 8th graders who have been year since 6th grade – Kasey Nguyen, Kaitlynn Duong, and Giselle Mendoza – have had fun and made new friends in their first two years. Now in their final year of middle school, all three say that 8th grade is more stressful than the first two years.

“My last year is a little more stressful, but it’s still enjoyable,” said Giselle. She and the others said that they have coped with the added stress by having their friends at their sides to help them.

Thinking ahead to high school, all three said they’re thinking about staying at Darnell-Cookman, though Kasey said she doesn’t have plans for a career in medicine, but instead is looking at studying architecture. And all three say they’re excited and happy knowing they will be freshmen next year. Kasey stated, “Middle school is nice and not as much stress for me.”

Kaitlynn said that it’s hard to believe that her time in middle school is almost over. “It’s crazy. I’m scared, and time went by so fast.”

Giselle put it a different way. “I feel old.”