Hit and Run


Jason Fearon, Contributor

Last year the Darnell-Cookman Vikings baseball team was 0-8, but the coaches seemed very impressed with their players and their performance. When asked how well the team did last year head coach Jose Bairan said, “I thought they did very good.” Coach Bairan was impressed with his team and felt even better about the upcoming season.

Assistant Coach Doug DeBolt said there were one or two close games the team could or should have won. Both coaches appeared confident about winning games this year, and the close games in particular. According to Coach Bairan, “Absolutely, this year’s team will do better than last year.”

The big reason why Coach Bairan thinks this year’s team will do better is because, “We had a lot of great 7th graders last year.” Two 8th graders boosted the team and will be missed. But with the returning 7th graders now moving up to 8th grade, the team will have a lot more experience.

Coach Bairan stressed one area where the team needs help. He said, “Pitching was one thing I thought we could improve on,” and said that it was the biggest missing piece of the puzzle. Coach DeBolt said, “Most of our pitchers last year had little or no experience on the mound, but they still had times when they did very well.” Both coaches said they thought a year of experience – plus some new arms on the team – will make a big difference.

Coach Bairan also pointed to a major strength of the team – the ability to be coached. He said he would rather have less talent from players who will listen than more talent from players who won’t listen.