Boutin uses passion, fairness to make Latin fun


Isaac Phillipose, Staff writer

There are many qualities that make a good teacher. Some of those are passion, fairness and respect. These are things that help students connect better with their teachers, and also allow them to learn more and have fun while learning. Seth Boutin is a teacher who has all of these qualities. He is knowledgeable and isn’t overly strict, but he still knows how to keep his students in control.

Mr. Boutin teaches Latin and Peer Counseling at Darnell-Cookman. Latin probably a subject that most people would consider as a major, but for Mr. Boutin, it was a subject he actually preferred. “I started out doing math and physics and chose Latin as an elective,” he said, “but I enjoyed taking that more than I enjoyed taking the classes for my major so I switched.”

Likewise, Latin likely isn’t the first option for most people who want to teach. For Mr. Boutin, teaching was a clear choice. “When you are doing classes like Latin and Greek and Ancient History there aren’t really many options outside of teaching that directly relate to the field,” he said. Mr. Boutin’s new favorite hobby, however, has nothing to do with Latin. “I got a mini-drone for Christmas and I enjoy flying that,” he said.

As for keeping students engaged in a language that isn’t commonly spoken, Mr. Boutin noted that Latin relates to everyday life more than people realize. “Everything we do in class is somewhat relevant to today one way or another,” he said. “Our modern society grew out of societies in the past so there’s always some tie in between what’s happening today and modern issues and the ancient world.”