Literacy Week: “Scientists Need to Read”


Diana Zanini, Director, Director of Engineering, Johnson & Johnson

Dr. Diana Zanini has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and invents medical devices for Johnson & Johnson. She currently holds 14 patents and has published in several scientific journals

I decided to study science because I love math and experiments. I know it sounds nerdy. The truth is, I didn’t really like reading and writing – and going into sciences, well, you know, it was supposed to be all about numbers and data and formulae and performing super cool experiments. I would never have to read or write an essay again. The truth is, I read and write every day – and it is interesting and fun.

To invent new things, you have to know what’s out there. You must read what people before you did and what challenges people are facing today. I read patents other people wrote. I read scientific articles. I read what are the latest trends in virtual reality and artificial intelligence and medical breakthroughs and symptoms of diseases and how to treat those diseases. I read what the challenges are at hospitals. I read what life is like for people with debilitating conditions. I read about how different equipment helps people. What surprised me the most, is that I enjoy reading these things. I learn a lot and it helps me understand what people need to live better.

Reading helps me understand what we should be looking at when it comes to new products, new devices, new ways to tackle old and future problems. Reading makes me a better scientist and inventor – and that is important to me.