Girls soccer team takes the field under new coach


Ruth Maldanado-Torres, Contributor

The girl’s new soccer team is raw! The team has a new coach and practices two hours each day, Monday through Thursday. They are working their tails off and running a lot!

Coach Chelsey Davis is new to the team and tells her players to “push through, work hard and have fun.” Coach Davis is working hard to teach the team the game of soccer, including the rules. According to many of the players, the team has improved and seems ready to play its first games, which start just after the winter break. The first game is Jan. 9 vs. Fort Caroline at Darnell-Cookman’s home field, starting at 5 p.m.

“I think if we can play the games really hard,” Coach Davis said, “then that will make up for the times that we may not be as skilled as the other teams.”

According to Coach Davis, the team’s best moments are when everyone is playing together as a team. “When we’re communicating well, encouraging each other, helping each other out is when I feel like well be at our strongest,” she said. “I also think when we play with confidence and realize we could do more than what we think we can do that that will help us be at our best.”

Be sure to come out and support your Darnell-Cookman girls’ soccer team as they fight to bring home victories in 2019!