“Avengers: Endgame” – Do we know what to expect?


Aaleeyah Ford, Monitor Staff

Four years ago, Marvel Studios announced a two-part sequel to “Age of Ultron” titled, “Avengers: Infinity War.” The first part was released last May, and part two – “Avengers: Endgame” – is scheduled for release on April 3, 2019. Marvel revealed the trailer for the new movie two weeks ago, so fans got a sneak peek at what might be in the new movie. Marvel fans are looking forward to getting answers to questions from the last movie when half of the universe was erased from existence in the final minutes.

A lot of fans are also wondering how, with the recent passing of Stan Lee, future movies might look compared with the rest. Will future movies live up to his legacy?

Avengers fans are offering a lot of theories about the upcoming “Endgame” movie, and none of them seem to agree with each other. Some believe that the characters who vanished at the end of “Infinity War” did not truly die, but screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen Mcfeely are adamant that they truly did die. Assuming that this is not a misdirect, this puts to rest the theories that Thanos just sent everyone to a parallel dimension or trapped them in a soul world.

Another theory is time travel – that at the end of “Infinity War,” when Nick Fury called someone to help, that someone was Captain Marvel (who is getting her own movie in March – just one month before “Endgame”).  Also missing from “Infinity War” were Ant-Man and the Wasp, so they might play a big role in the sequel. One Marvel fan theory states, “The most likely scenario here is that Ant-Man and the Wasp takes place before  “Avengers: Infinity War,” probably at the same time as the events of  “Thor: Ragnarok” or a few days after. Based on the first trailer for “Endgame,” at least Ant-Man did not vanish and will join the fight in Avengers 4.

Given that the last Avengers movie made more than $2 billion, it’s fair to assume that many more theories will find their way to the Internet in the next 100 or so days until “Endgame” is released. Until then, keep your eyes peeled and be ready for anything, because Marvel has been throwing some filthy curves lately, and anything is possible!